Hello, I'm a solo musician from Luxembourg.

I grew up in a musical family where I learned notes and chant, later also in school, music theory, to play different instruments such as the piano, trumpet, sax, drums, bass guitar... etc. I was also active in a big brass band and sang as background in a choir. Here I have collected much musical experience and learned a lot about the harmonies.

I began in the '70s to play and mix on the turntables and at the beginning of the '80s, the time during which I really got in contact with electronic music, something that fascinates me extremely since then! Of course, those years have shaped my current style very much.

In the early '90s, I had the idea to produce music, where the most part is based of electronic sounds and samples, produced by the computer. Since computers and hardware have gotten more powerful, software brought more features, I got the opportunity to produce my music completely independently.


All you hear now is done by myself.

End of the '90s I was ready for the first publications and started with this new project till today. My first official online album release was back in 2005!

All my music is free for personal use, for commercial usage you have the possibility to purchase a license!

I write, compose and produce all my sounds myself, exclusively in my home studio, from the first notes, rhythms to the final mastering!

My productions are various music styles, electronic, lounge, chillout, ambient, soundtrack, soundscape, alternative… etc, but always with a preference for experimental sounds.


While producing my sounds, once I try to get the perfect tone out of them, on the other side I try to create new musical art.

I do lots of sound design before creating a full melody and I invest a lot of time in tones, so that they sound not too mainstream! All in all, the experimental gerne has a big priority and influence in my music, something that you'll hear quickly in my productions!

I compose my music from inside out, driven by my dreams, feelings, evolution and news. Often when I got a melody in my mind, I immediately play and record a sequenze on the keyboard for later use in a track, but mostly the best ideas come when I play the keyboard or when I'm playing around with some synthesizers and often while using a drum machine!


All my instruments are based on stand-alone and VST software synths; this allows me to create new and authentic, as well as digital and analogue sounds!

Here are some of my favourite artists:

Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Yello, Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Imagination, The Art Of Noise, Sade, Tangerine Dream, U2, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind & Fire, Enya, Sade, Peter Gabriel, The Chemical Brothers, Jamiroquai, Spyro Gyra, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Daft Punk…


Music means more to me rather than just notes and melodies. Each Song is an individual piece of art, when I'm listening to music. I do listen to every details, if all pieces fit together, they produce an epic experience! After this principe I do value my and other people's music.

At the end of the day it's pretty simple, it's either good or not. No matter what genre of music.

So that's it, I wish you much fun while listening!

Cheers, Roger (C.J.ROGERS)

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